PodcastNH Meetup 2018 
(where it all began)

About Podcast USA

 In February of 2018, Stephen Meader of “We Need To Talk” podcast met with other podcasters in his home state of New Hampshire with an idea to form a community of podcasters in the area. Within months, the idea sprouted into an endeavor that would create podcast communities in every state in America. Within half a year, Podcast USA had communities in three states (NH, MA, IA) and more joining everyday. Now, Podcast USA is going strong in thirteen states with more on deck to join in the coming months, featuring over 450 podcasts across the country.

The vision for PodcastUSA is to create communities across the United States that work together, collaborate, and share resources, and to leverage those shows to reduce industry costs, to improve the quality of independent podcasting everywhere, and to match advertisers with the podcasts looking to monetize.

We’ve started something big, and you can be a part of it. This network is for podcasters, by podcasters. There are so many creative, driven people in our community, and we hope you’ll be a part of it. Welcome. 

About Stephen:

Stephen Meader is a entrepreneur and podcaster from Lebanon, Maine. He went to college at the University of Maine for a double major in Business Management and Finance, and has continually been placed in leadership roles as a consistent, driving force within any company he’s joined. He co-hosts We Need To Talk with his best friend Nathan Pepin, and is the founder of Podcast USA. He lives in New Hampshire with his cat. He is an announcer for an online football league, a streamer of video games on Mixer, a writer, musician, and all around entertainer. Sometimes he makes fake ads too that are free for all podcasts to use as they please.

Photo Above: PodcastNH Meetup 2018 (where it all began)